bringing out the best in boys

Message From the Principal

Welcome to Wellacre

I am extremely proud to lead a 'GOOD' school where, through our growth mindset “can do” culture, dedication to high standards and excellence and commitment to learning, we give every student who passes through our care, the very best opportunity to achieve to their full potential.  Many parents choose to send their son's to Wellacre in Year 7, acknowledging that, boys perform better in an all boys’ school environment, than in a co-educational environment. We tailor our resources, design our curriculum and develop our pastoral systems, with the clear aim of 'bringing out the best in boys'.

To enhance the efforts undertaken by our staff, in continuing to transform student learning and life, Year 7 to 11 students at Wellacre, wear a smart and standards driven uniform, emblazoned with the school crest. We avail them of award winning teaching, amazing facilities, personalised pastoral care and, of course, our unique position; being the only single sex school in Trafford, open to boys, of ALL abilities.

Our tradition based, standards driven approach is underpinned by our mission for the Academy. We aim to give all our students an education which will Inspire them to learn, empower them to Achieve to their full potential and enable them to Enjoy their time at school. Based on this vision, we truly believe that, at Wellacre, we do bring out the best in boys.

Miss M Wicks, Principal