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Virtual PE Challenge

Posted at 11:32 am on 10th September, 2020

Lowry Wins Transition Competition

In the summer, as part of the transition programme, we invited Year 6 pupils joining Wellacre this term to take part in our Virtual House PE Challenge.

Yr 6 Evan - indoor bike ride crop.png

Wellacre’s PE team challenged pupils joining Wellacre in September alongside staff to run, cycle or walk any distance to add to a House total.  Whichever House travelled the largest distance, took the crown and Housepoints!

Entries included: Nathan who walked 10.92km for Turing,  Evan who cycled 10km indoors, and Connor and Ethan who walked 8km on their way to school.  

Yr 6 Connor and Ethan crop.png

Thanks also to Mr Seggie, Miss Haymes, Miss Birney, Mr Magdzinski (and sons) and Mrs Quinn for their efforts in supporting their Houses!

Yr 6 Theo PE Challenge crop.png

The winner was LOWRY and it was Frank and Lenny who took them over the finishing line to victory with a last minute 27km cycling entry.

Yr 6 House PE Challenge - Frank and Lenny (1).jpg

We had over 80 entries and an incredible 724.65km was travelled; thanks to everyone who took part and well done to all.