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Outward Bound

Posted at 11:33 am on 14th January, 2020

Outdoor Learning at Loch Eil

Year 9 students embarked on an outward bound adventure in Loch Eil, Scotland, as part of a joint project with the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), Sheffield University and The Outward Bound Trust.

Yr 9 Loch Eil 5 crop.png

The week-long residential trip was funded as part of a study to measure the impact of education outside the classroom, compared to inside. 

Mr Whitehead, Teacher of PE, said:

“Loch Eil was a fantastic opportunity for our students to tackle new physical challenges and they leapt at each and every chance. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves; the 7 hour return journey was mostly spent asleep!”

The students were initiated with a tour of Loch Eil, with many opting to take the plunge and jump into the freezing Loch and swimming to shore!

Yr 9 Loch Eil 2 crop.png

Other physical challenges included scrambling and hiking up parts of Ben Nevis, donning head torches for late night walks, traversing a wire bridge across the Loch, and tree-top climbing, ziplining and taking the ‘leap of faith.’

Yr 9 Loch Eil 4 crop.png

Jacob, Year 9, said:

“The expedition was the best part of the trip because it was a challenge and took teamwork to reach our destination.  I wanted to try everything, including jumping into the Loch to swim - it was freezing!"

Yr 9 Loch Eil 3 crop.png

Outdoor learning helps young people develop more confidence, develop teamwork and resilience and engage them in their school learning.

Mr Whitehead added:

“We were really pleased that the exceptional efforts of some students impressed the Loch Eil organisers so much that they were successfully invited back in Year 10 for a further 3-week funded programme.” 

Yr 9 Loch Eil 1 crop.png

Bailey, Year 9, said:

“My favourite part of the trip was climbing the mountain because we learnt how to ‘trailblaze’ which meant creating our own path through rocks and thick moss.  Reaching the top was a massive achievement, especially as I’d led the group, and we sat and looked at the beautiful view and scenery.”

“I felt like I achieved a lot from the trip, and learnt new leadership and teamwork skills.  I’m really proud to have been offered a scholarship to return in Year 10.”