bringing out the best in boys


Posted at 11:04 am on 13th September, 2018

Students take on Further Maths

A group of KS4 students enjoyed the Mathemagic event at Manchester University in July.

Yr 10 Maths Magic 3 crop.png

Maths challenges included learning about and experimenting with topology, assumptions, Mathematical magic tricks, moebius strips and use of binary.

Yr 10 Maths Magic 1 crop.jpg

One student said:

“It blew my mind to see how conditional formatting in an excel spreadsheet can be used to recreate a photograph!”

Teacher of Maths, Mr Sharrock, said:

“The boys behaved excellently and did their very best with every activity. It was a pleasure to witness their brains melting at the Maths ingenuity!

"I am sure they were inspired by the mathematics they witnessed and this will encourage them to pursue post-GCSE Maths in the future.”