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The Geography of Crime

Posted at 10:47 am on 19th March, 2020

Year 7 Turn Detective!

Wellacre’s Year 7 students are studying the Geography of Crime this term, and their work took them out into the community. 

Yr 7 Crime Field Trip 3 crop.png

The final assessment calls for a presentation on data, collected by students in answer to an inquiry question - ‘Is there a crime problem in our area?’  All the data collected will be presented in the form of graphs, maps and charts to provide evidence to support the question.

Yr 7 Crime Field Trip 1 crop.png

Mr Baker, Leader of Geography, said:

“Taking Geography outside of the classroom and collecting data is a great benefit to the students.  Fieldwork is essential to geography, therefore introducing this early in Year 7 helps our students to develop skills that will help in all aspects of geography.”

Yr 7 Crime Field Trip 2 crop.png

Students’ data collection task asked them to gain a view of the environment.  To do so, they completed an environmental quality survey of specific areas around Woodsend. 

The results provided a figure that was either positive i.e. attracts less crime, or negative i.e. likely to attract more crime. 

Yr 7 Crime Field Trip 4 crop.png

Another data collection task that students completed, challenged them to approach the general public and asked their views on crime in the area.  The questionnaire feedback provided students with a wider view on crime taking place in the area. 

Year 7 student Ryan, said:

“I really enjoyed doing this survey, we collected a lot of information about crime!”