bringing out the best in boys

Letters to Parents

Year 11 GCSE Assessments after Easter

     Summer Term Assessments Timetable

     Summer Term Assessments - Revision Topics

Easter End of Term Arrangements

Class of 2020 Presentation Awards

Year 11 Assessments/Exam Grades and Consultation - March 2021

Home Testing for Students Commencing Sunday 21 March

     Frequently Asked Questions - Home Testing   

     Instruction Leaflet - How to do your COVID 19 Test

Trafford Schools Reopening and Covid Safety Measures

Arrangements for Students Phased Return - March 2021

     Zone Map - All Year Groups

     FAQ for School Reopening - March 2021

World Book Day 1st - 5th March

     World Book Day Sponsor Form 

     World Book Day Reading Log

Year 11 Exams Update - February 2021

Phased Return Announcement - 8th March

Wellacre Launches School Lottery February 2021

February Half Term Update for Parents and Carers

     On-line Grooming and Risks Children Face

     House Competition - February 2021

Kooth Trafford Parent and Carer Session-Friday 5th February

Mental Health Week and Resources 

     Mental Health & Wellbeing Resources

Principals Resignation

Year 9 Parents Evening - February 2021

    School Cloud Parents Guide for Booking Appointments

Trafford School Bus Services Update - January 2021

     TFGM Revised School Bus Services wef 25th January 2021

Year 11 Exams Update

Digital Safety Newsletter - January 2021

Covid Testing Letter for Parents

     C19 Testing Consent Form for Students

     Data Protection Covid Testing FAQ's for Parents

     Privacy Notice for Covid 19 Testing

     How to do your test COVID-19 instruction leaflet for schools.pdf

Lockdown Update and Remote Learning - January 2021

     Frequently Asked Questions for Parents and Carers for Wellacre Remote Learning 2021

     Staff Email List 

     Live Lesson Student, Teacher and Parent Protocols

     Advice and Support for Parents

School Day Arrangements for Critical Worker and Vulnerable Students

Spring Term Update and Remote Learning Arrangements

Draft Proposal For January 2021 Return Arrangements

Year 11 Subject Parents' Evening - January 2021

School Cloud Parents Guide for Booking Appointments

Covid Track and Trace During Christmas

Christmas Update 2020

Covid 19 Non-Contact Letter for Years 7, 8, 9, & 11  Dated 27th November 2020

Year 10 Covid Close Contact Letter - 27th November 2020

Trafford One Stop Shop - Advice and Support for Parents

     One Stop Shop Poster for Parents

Education Endowment Foundation Research Project for Year 8 and Year 9 Students

     Whole School SEND Education Endowment Foundation Parent Information Sheet

Trafford Workshops Available for Parents and Carers to Support Young People

Greater Manchester Mental Health Workshops

NHS Greater Manchester Mental Health - Training for Parents and Carers

Trafford Sunrise Mental Health Workshops for Parents and Carers

     Behavioural Difficulties 17th November

     Managing Change 30th November

     Communicating with Teenagers 8th December

     Anxiety 16th December  

Year 7 Achievement Tutor Evening - Parent Meeting Access Information

Seneca Learning for Parents and Students

Year 7 Parents Evening with Achievement Tutors and SEN Forum

E-safety and Parental Controls

     Digital Parenting Guide

Public Health England Update for Parents and Guardians

Covid 19 - Advice for Parents in Greater Manchester

Lowry Head of House 2020 Update

Pankhurst Head of House 2020 Update

Turing Head of House 2020 Update

Year 11 - September 2020 Update

Provision for Education during Periods of Lockdown or Isolation

Covid 19 Non-Contact Advice for Parents

Parent Information Evening Invitation for Year 7 and New Starters

     MyEd App.pptx

     ClassCharts-MyEd-Connexions Poster

Covid 19 Advice for Parents in Greater Manchester

Covid Symptoms Advice 

Period 6 Co-Curricular Information September 2020

Year 7 Return to School Arrangements September 2020

Year 8 Return to School Arrangements September 2020

Year 9 Return to School Arrangements September 2020

Year 10 Return to School Arrangements September 2020

Year 11 Return to School Arrangements September 2020

    Zone Maps for all Year Groups

    Wellacre Frequently Asked Questions for September 2020 Return

Exam Results and Arrangements for Collection 2020

     Results and Appeals Policy - Summer 2020

Year 7-11 Generic School Day - September 2020