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Spanish Exchange Success

Posted at 2:21 pm on 6th September, 2018

Spanish Exchange Families Celebrate

We are delighted to the share the positive feedback of those involved in the Spanish Exchange programme.

Miss Bailey, Leader of MFL, said:

“It has been fantastic to hear the benefits of the exchange programme from the families involved; our students enjoyed welcoming a Spanish student into their lives, forming new friendships and the opportunity to improve their language skills.”

Spanish Exchange Programme - group crop.png

In the summer term, Wellacre students played host to a group of students from Madrid, Spain - Juan, Fernando, Alejandro, Diego and Carlos.

For three weeks, these Spanish students were buddied up with a Wellacre student and stayed with their families, joined them at school and enjoyed outings to  Lyme Park, Blackpool and MOSI to name a few!

The families of Daniel B and Callum, Year 7, Daniel C and Dylon, Year 8, and Alex, Year 9, communicated great positives from the experience, from confidence-building, new friendships and improved language skills.

One Wellacre parent said:

“We have enjoyed hosting our Spanish pupil Carlos and it has been a valuable experience.”

Another added:

“We thoroughly enjoyed hosting Alejandro, our Spanish exchange student. It has been a really positive and good learning experience for Daniel, as well as the rest of the family.  I am glad that Wellacre takes part in the exchange, and would definitely recommend it to others.”