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Wellacre’s Karate Kid

Posted at 2:38 pm on 14th June, 2018

Black Belt for Year 7 Student

Year 7 Wellacre student Adam has enjoyed incredible sporting success by achieving the first dan black belt in karate.

Yr 7 A Woodcock Karate 3.png

In martial arts, the black belt denotes the highest competence and Adam has been working hard for over 5 years to reach this grading.

At the grading in May, there were several areas of assessment including sparring, board breaking and a verbal appraisal on korean patterns, movements and their meaning.

Adam said:

“It was exciting to be assessed, but I was first to be called for every section! I was nervous to see if I’d passed.  I was really happy when my name was called out to receive my black belt and certificate.”

Yr 7 A Woodcock Karate 1.png

Adam is now determined to achieve the second dan black belt and he’ll start training straight away at his local karate club Trident Taekwon-Do Academy. Good luck Adam!