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Relationship and Sex Education Consultation

Autumn Term 2020 (consultation closes 17th December 2020)

From September 2020, all schools must be compliant with new statutory guidance for teaching Relationship, Sex and health Education.  Wellacre was an ‘early adopter’ of this guidance.   You can read the guidance here:

The Wellacre policy regarding Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) can be found here:

You will note that parents have the right to withdraw their child from the ‘sex’ elements of lessons until three terms before their 16th birthday.  Our RESPECT curriculum map (through which RSE is delivered) can be found here.

We have highlighted in pink the lessons that deal explicitly with ‘sex’.  Should you wish to discuss the parental right to withdrawal, please contact Mrs O’Neill in the first instance (moneill(at)

We are seeking to gather parental views on our RSE policy and RESPECT curriculum overview. We would appreciate feedback via the online Google form via this link:

We also wish to invite parents to take part in an informal discussion about our RSE Policy and RESPECT curriculum.  We would be able to demonstrate some of our lesson resources and, discuss in more depth how we are ensuring that we meet all statutory obligations.   We can also discuss any parental queries or concerns in more depth.  This would be via Zoom in early January (date TBC).  If you are interested, please indicate on the online form, or via email to Mrs O’Neill, as indicated above.