bringing out the best in boys


Our uniform consists of:

• A Royal Blue blazer bearing the red crest

• Grey v necked Wellacre jumper

• Wellacre House Tie - Lowry, Pankhurst or Turing as assigned (KS3 and KS4)

• A dark waterproof coat

• Dark grey trousers

• Plain white shirt

• Black shoes (no trainers, sportswear brands, canvas shoes, boots or shoes with white stripes or trainer soles)

• Dark socks


The following items are banned:

• Sports tops/caps

• Trainers except for wearing during PE lessons

• Earrings

• Hoodies


Our PE kit consists of:

• Royal Blue Wellacre t-shirt (optional rugby top).

• Royal Blue Wellacre shorts.

• Royal Blue Wellacre socks.

• Wellacre fleece for colder days (optional).

• Trainers/Football boots.

• Optional kit included a rugby shirt and a Wellacre under layer. Make sure that your clothes are marked with your name in case you lose them.