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At Wellacre we take E-Safety seriously.  All Internet access is filtered through a proxy server to screen out undesirable websites at source. All staff at the academy participate in annual training from a qualified CEOP ambassador enabling E-Safety to be taught as an integral part of the whole school curriculum.

Protecting your children from harm is just as important online as it is in the real world. As a parent or carer, you can play an important role in helping children have safe and positive experiences online whether this be from a PC, smartphone or tablet.

The internet offers an exciting world of experiences for children and the whole family. It can be entertaining, educational and rewarding. However, using the internet also involves risks and challenges.

Children might be exposed to content that is sexually explicit, violent, prohibited or even illegal. They may also experience cyber bullying or be at risk from contact by strangers.

Children may – unknowingly or deliberately – share personal information without realising they may be subject to identity theft, or that they are leaving behind content that might not reflect well on them in the future.

By taking an active role in talking with your children about the risks and answering their questions or concerns about something that they find on the Internet you can help them stay safer online.

Our work with students around Esafety and Social Media was noted by Ofsted in their 2015 report:

'Through the RESPECT programme, delivered to all students on a weekly basis, and through various other events in assembly, students understand how to keep themselves safe while using the internet and what to do if they do not feel safe.'

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