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At Wellacre Academy we recognise that the successful development of its students depends on an effective partnership between the school, students and parents/carers.

All three parties share responsibility for the development and achievement of each student.

Together, we commit ourselves to the following:


The School Will:

  • Establish a safe, supportive and caring environment. 
  • Ensure your son has the opportunity to reach his full potential as a valued member of the school community. 
  • Expect high standards of work and behaviour, set through clear rules, promote mutual respect and promote a sense of responsibility and community.
  • Keep you informed about school matters, in particular about your son's progress, attendance, behaviour and punctuality.
  • Offer opportunities for you to become involved in the community life of the school. 
  • Reward good progress, effort and behaviour and Commitment to Learning.
  • Offer a wide variety of Co-Curricular activities.
  • Treat everyone with respect.

As a Parent/Carer I/We will:

  • Ensure that my son attends school every day, on time and will  inform the school of any absences. 
  • Inform the school about any concerns or issues that might affect my son's work or behaviour. 
  • Support the school's staff by being respectful at all times. 
  • Support the schools policies.
  • Support opportunities for independent learning and use of Knowledge Organisers at home and encourage my son to work hard and be resilient.
  • Attend parents' evenings and discussions about my son's progress. 
  • Notify the school of any changes to our contact details promptly to ensure accurate means of communication. 
  • Ensure that my son attends in correct uniform and is properly equipped. 
  • Agree to and support the Behaviour for Learning policy of the school.
  • Encourage my son to participate in extra-curricular opportunities offered by the school. 
  • Ensure my ParentPay account is always in credit and all required payments for trips/visits etc. are made in advance of, or by the deadline. 
  • Notify us and keep us updated on any medical issues or concerns.

As a Student I will:

  • Be an ambassador for the school and uphold the schools core values of Respect, Resilience, Pride, Aspiration and Honesty at all times. 
  • Follow the Wellacre 'Steps to Success' and our school rules. 
  • Strive to have 100% attendance & punctuality. 
  • Wear the correct Wellacre uniform with pride, be on time and be properly equipped for my lessons. 
  • Work hard in class and at home so that I can achieve my full potential. 
  • Be proud of myself and my school and be someone others can be proud of. 
  • Use Classcharts and Knowledge Organisers to support my learning. 
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Treat the environment with respect. 
  • Understand that any poor behaviour whilst wearing the school uniform outside of school will be dealt with as if the incident occurred at school. 
  • Participate in extra-curricular activities.