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Posted at 12:17 pm on 11th December, 2018

Wellacre's Wall of Fame: Rob Brookes

Rob Brookes is a second generation Wellacre student! His father studied here first, before Rob joined us in 1996. He remembers his first teacher, Miss Heslip in Art!

Rob joined as one of only three children from Highfield Primary School but quickly made new friends.  Joining high school was a strange experience, with new responsibilities and he recalls using the 6 weeks summer holidays to learn to put on a tie!

On leaving school, Rob went to university to follow a career in Mental Health as a Support Worker and also as an Occupational Therapist managing a day centre for medium secure patients with behaviour issues.

Rob Brookes 3.jpg

After ten years, Rob decided on a career break and with a passion for car engines, racing and engine building, he now owns a business in Engine Software Management.

Rob Brookes 2.jpg

Whilst at school, Rob credits the immense support and guidance from his Headteacher Mr Howell and staff for bringing out the best in him.   On his time at Wellacre, Rob said:

“I learned, later in life, that being a Wellacre student really did live up to its quote - you can succeed, when doing your best at what you do.  Thank you Wellacre for making me who I am today.”