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SIMS Learning Gateway

Using SIMS Learning Gateway to monitor your son

What is SIMS Learning Gateway?

SLG (SIMS Learning Gateway) is a system that allows parents/carers to have access to information that we keep about their children in our management information system. The system meets and surpasses government criteria for online reporting to parents/carers. We are introducing the system to make school reports available online.

What information can I access?

Currently SLG allows you to see information about your child’s attendance, behaviour, achievements and assessment, as well as their timetable. SLG uses real-time data, so the information is always current. Wellacre takes electronic registers in AM/PM registration and in all five lessons. Soon you will also be able to download interim and full reports about your child.

Can I see whether my child has arrived in school?

Our teachers finish their morning registers by 8.55am. You will be able to log in to SLG to see whether your child has been marked as present. However, there are several reasons why the register may be late going into the SIMS system (for example, a tutor may not be in school so the register may initially be done on paper by a cover supervisor). If you notice that your child is not registered, please wait and check after 9.30am before contacting the school. If you have any queries regarding attendance, please email admin(at)

Who gets access to this information?

We launched SLG for all students, parents and carers in 2010. If you are entitled to view the information then we will provide you with a username and password.

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