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The Responsibilities of the Academy

• Establish a safe and caring environment.

• Ensure your son has the opportunity to realise his full potential as a valued member of the Academy community.

• Strive for high standards of work and behaviour through building good relationships and developing a sense of responsibility.

• Keep you informed about general Academy matters, and in particular about your son’s progress.

• To offer opportunities for you to become involved in the community life of the Academy.

The Responsibilities of the Parent/Carer

• Ensure that my son attends the Academy regularly, on time and properly equipped and to inform the Academy of any absences.

• Inform the Academy about any concerns or problems that might affect my son’s work or behaviour.

• Support the Academy’s policies.

• Give permission for the use of images of my son for marketing and celebratory purposes.

• To sign my son’s planner every week and encourage and support other opportunities for home learning.

• Attend parents’ evenings and discussions about my son’s progress.

• Notify the Academy of any changes to my son’s address and or telephone numbers promptly in order to ensure accurate means of communication.

• Ensure that my son attends Academy in the correct uniform in accordance with our uniform policy.

The Responsibilities of the Student

• Follow the Wellacre ‘Steps to Success’.

• Aim to have 100% attendance & punctuality.

• Wear the Wellacre uniform and be tidy in my appearance.

• Be polite, helpful and respectful to others and the environment.