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Examination Information

This page provides key information relating to examinations at Wellacre Academy.

Wellacre Academy offers a wide range of external examinations from GCSEs through to vocational qualifications such as BTECs. We are a registered examination centre for the following awarding bodies; AQA, Edexcel, OCR, Prince's Trust, TLM, NCFE and WJEC.

Dates for External Exam Results

Year 11 GCSE results: - Thursday 22nd August 2019 at 9.30 am


If you are not able to collect results in person on results day, you will need to complete an authority instructing us of your alternative arrangements. Please complete the document below.  Due to security and confidentiality, results will not be released over the telephone, sent by e-mail or handed to other students.
If you are enrolling at a college or sixth form, please ensure that you collect your results from Wellacre first, as Exams Office staff may not be available to confirm achievements on enrolment days.


Important information for Summer 2019 GCSE examination results


If you think that your examination results might not be correct, please come in to Wellacre and discuss them with us.


The examination boards' review of marking process has been changed by OFQUAL and examination papers are no longer re-marked in the same way as in previous years.


Under the new service we can ask examination boards to do a 'review of results' to check that your exam paper(s) have been marked in accordance with the marking criteria. At the same time, they will also check for any clerical errors.


The examination boards will correct genuine errors in marking but they will not change marks that are deemed to be reasonable.


You should be aware that your marks and grades could stay the same, go up or go down and any new examination result is final.


You will need to sign a permission statement before a review of results can take place. There will also be a fee, levied by the examination boards, which you will need to pay before the review of results service is applied for. Please note, any permission sought by a candidate for a review will be considered carefully by the school before any decision is made to formally approach the examination board.


External Examination Key Dates 


External Examination Timetables

The provisional timetable for the Summer 2019 Examination Season can be found below, please note that it is subject to change and further examination dates may be added in due course. In addition, there will be external exams taking place throughout the academic year.



Internal and Mock Examination Timetables


Examination Times

Most external examinations at Wellacre Academy will start in the morning at 08:30 and in the afternoon at 13:30. Examination timetables and seating plans will be available daily on a notice board in the Entrance Hall and outside examination venues during each examination season. Students must ensure that they arrive at the examination venue at least 10 minutes before the start time of the examination that they are taking. Parents will need to ensure that suitable travel arrangements exist for students where examinations finish after normal school hours.

Equipment Required for Examinations

Please can Students and their Parents ensure that they bring the appropriate equipment to all examinations. To avoid delays at the start of the examination disadvantaging all candidates, equipment will not be lent out in the exam venue until the exam has commenced, hence students need to ensure that they arrive at the venue with all of the equipment that they require. This should include:

• A scientific calculator (check the batteries)

• A ruler

• 2 Black ink pens (biro, roller ball, etc.)

• 2 pencils (sharp, and of appropriate hardness – i.e. HB – 2H)

• An eraser

• A Pencil sharpener

• A selection of coloured pencils

and for some Mathematics examinations:

• A compass

• A protractor


Please note also that correction fluid is not allowed to be used and students must not bring a mobile telephone, a smartwatch or pager with them to the examination room, as the possession of one could lead to them being disqualified in that particular subject by the Examination Board.


Candidate Examination Rules, Advice and Information

 Examination Rules and Guidance Examination Rules and Guidance 2018-19.pdf


Controlled Assessments

Controlled Assessment is similar to coursework in many ways but is carried out under supervised conditions. It aims to give candidates an opportunity to show what they know about a certain topic or area of a subject. For more information see the JCQ Notice to Candidates – Controlled Assessments

Avoiding Plagiarism

Ofqual, in partnership with “plagiarism”, has published three new guides to give teachers, students and parents a greater understanding of how to produce honest, authentic and correctly referenced work. The guides are available for download from The Student Guide also describes how sources can be checked for authenticity, authority and accuracy using a range of techniques including specific advice about popular wiki resources, such as Wikipedia, which the guide highlights as an excellent starting point for research, providing that the material is verified using authoritative sources! The Parents Guide includes additional background information on the subject of plagiarism. 


Other Useful Websites and Guides

Some website links to assist with revision and exams in general are listed below. Please click on the headings:

Exams Advice for Students from AQA Examination Board

Examzone from Edexcel Examination Board

Information for Learners for OCR Examination Board

BBC’s GCSE Bitesize Revision

• Coursework A guide for parents QCA | View or Download

• GCSE Student Guide | View or Download

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