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Business & Finance Support

Wellacre has a well- established, professional Finance& Business Management service. Our client base has grown year on year and our services are highly rated with Principals and Headteachers.

The service offers a consistently high level of support, and exceptional value for money, delivered by experienced and fully qualified Business Managers. We will create a bespoke package tailored to your individual schools’ needs.

Why have the support of a School Business Manager?

‘The role of Headteacher has become increasingly complex. In addition to leading teaching and learning, heads are expected to manage the budget, oversee the premises and even keep an eye on school dinners. School business managers are, essentially, a sensible alternative to the Headteachers managing these time consuming responsibilities themselves. Business Managers are a means of ensuring that schools make the best use of all their resources and facilities, which is essential if our children and young people are to achieve their best. National College.

What can the Wellacre Academy Business and Finance Support Team offer me?

• Excellent value for money

• School to school support

• Qualified and experienced Business Managers who understand your needs

• Staff with extensive experience of school financial software

• Direct contact and access to your Business Manager

• The flexibility to address your requirements at short notice, whenever is convenient for you

• Insider knowledge; through reputation gained in providing our service to a significant number of local schools over several years

• Frequency of visit to suit your school’s needs

What Services are available from the Wellacre Academy Business and Finance Support Team?

The services that we offer include:

• Regular Written Reports & Budget Monitoring

• 3-5 Year Budget Plans

• Payroll Reconciliations/Identification of Discrepancies

• Tendering on behalf of schools to obtain discounts and savings

• Review and submission of annual SFVS

• Improving financial processes, strengthening internal controls

• Year End Reconciliations and processes

• CFR (Consistent Financial Reporting) Submission and Reporting

• Attendance and Presentation at Finance Committees

• File Transfer and Reconciliations

• Bank Reconciliations

• VAT Submissions

• Personnel Data Maintenance

• Management of SIMS

• Corresponding budgets for school improvement/development plans

• Governor Training

• Academy Conversion

Key Benefits

• Expert support and guidance for your academy or school on all aspects of financial management.

• Resources and tools for effective forward financial planning, forecasting and budget monitoring.

• Benefit from an established and skilled finance team.

• Guidance on financial procedures.

• In depth knowledge and experience of the school environment.

Do I have to sign up to a long contract?

We are extremely confident in the level of service we can provide to your school and are assured that having used our service, you will remain satisfied with our level of support. Your contract will be for 12 months from September to August, however if you do wish to terminate this for any reason we require 3 months’ notice.

How many days support will I receive?

As few or as many as your establishment requires, our service is extremely flexible, and we can accommodate your needs in line with your school improvement priorities.

Queries and Contact:

Mrs Paula Bailey – Business and Finance Director

School: 0161 748 5011 Ext 207

Email: pbailey2(at)