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Wellacre Academy Lettings

Situated in Trafford, amid spacious and well-planned grounds over-looking the fields of the Mersey Valley and easily accessible from the M60, Wellacre Academy's facilities (Astro, playing fields, football pitches, hall, classrooms) are attractive to both community and commercial organisations for sports and other lettings. The general principles and contractual arrangements are set out in the detail below. Lettings charges are set by the Trustees of the Academy and enquiries regarding lettings should be made for the attention of the Finance Manager via the main school contact points Contact Us.

Policy and Contract Arrangements


We are committed to letting various parts of the Academy premises (e.g. Halls, classrooms, etc) and to maximise the income received from these lettings for the benefit of the Academy and its students. We aim to:

• Generate additional income to Wellacre Academy for the benefit of its students

• Allow lettings to two main categories a) Community Use and b) Commercial Use

• Ensure there are clear ‘Conditions of Contract’ and ‘Scale of Charges’

• Ensure insurance and Health & Safety requirements of lettings are met in full


With the aforementioned aims in mind, it is the Policy of this Academy:

• That use of the premises for Academy functions will take priority over lettings.

• The Governing Body will set charges for lettings guided by these principles.

• Lettings to bona fide community groups will be charged at discounted rates to cover caretaking, energy, wear & tear administration.

• Lettings to all other hirers will be charged at cost plus a profit margin determined by the Governing Body, within the scale of charges mentioned.

• The Academy will retain income derived from lettings, and costs to the Academy of lettings will be met from this income.

• The Academy premises will not be let to individuals or organisations if there is reason to believe that the name of the Academy will be brought into disrepute.

• The Academy premises will not be let for functions where a Public Entertainment Licence is required.

• Decisions whether to permit lettings will be made by the Governing Body. If the Principal believes a letting should not be permitted he/she will report the reasons to the Governing Body.

• All persons hiring the Academy premises will be expected to conform to the relevant Health & Safety regulations.

Conditions of Contract

If the original hours of hiring are exceeded, then an additional charge equal to twice the hourly rate, will be made for each excessive hour or part thereof (e.g. 10 minutes overtime, the charge will be for 2 hours, and 70 minutes overtime the charge will be for 4 hours etc.)

1. The hiring times must be from the time that the first person requires entry, until the time the last person leaves the Academy grounds, and must include preparation and clearing up time.


2. All entrances to the Academy to be kept clear of vehicles at all times. All vehicles must be parked in parking areas, and not block field or building access, for emergency vehicles, should they be needed.


3. Cars are parked at the owner’s risk.


4. All fire exits to be kept clear at all times. Hirers must take responsibility for fire safety of the booking.


5. The Academy retains the right to refuse or cancel any application.


6. The Academy may cancel or terminate at any time, any hiring if there is any misuse or misrepresentation in the booking; or if the premises are hired or used for any purpose for which they have not approved; or if payment is not made on time.


7. The hirer will be responsible for:

a. Any damage which may be caused to the Academy premises or its contents by any visitor or

b. Any loss or injury suffered by any person as a result of this hiring and the hirer shall indemnify the Academy in respect of any such damage loss or injury.


8. The hirer shall be responsible for the behaviour of all their visitors at all times. The hirer should ensure all minors are supervised, at all times whilst on premises.


9. No smoking, drugs or alcohol to be permitted in the Academy building and grounds.


10. No noise, which is audible outside the Academy building, may be permitted and the hirer shall ensure that all visitors enter and leave the Academy premises quietly. Excessive noise may cause hiring to be terminated.


11. No booking shall extend beyond the hour of midnight.


12. All areas used by the hirer must be left in a tidy, litter free condition.


13. The hirer shall not cause, or permit, any person connected with the hiring to drive any nails, screws or other fixings to the walls or floors; or into any furniture or fitting; or do or permit to be done anything likely to cause damage to the building or any such furniture or fittings.


14. The hirer shall pay to the Academy on demand, the cost of reinstating or replacing any part of the premises or any property whatsoever belonging to the Academy, in or upon the premises, which is damaged, destroyed, stolen or removed during the period of hiring.


15. No dogs are permitted expect guide dogs.


16. Electrical equipment is not included in hire charges. All electrical equipment used by the hirer must be PAT tested. Plugs/extension cables must not be overloaded and wires/flexes must by fully extended, properly maintained and safely located.


17. Cancellation by hirer must be notified within 14 days of letting or the deposit will be forfeited.


18. All hirers must have appropriate levels of public liability insurance (certificates must be seen).


19. There will be an annual review of lettings charges.


20. No bicycles on the all weather pitch.